Learning To Breathe….


I’m sick and tired of this semi-charmed life
But I’m left alone in this damn broken clock
I want to fly high and leave this town
But all I have is a broken wing that could tear me down.

I wanna escape to all the mess I made
Coz it’s killing me slowly inside my head
Life is a nightmare and I’m barely breathing
It’s driving me insane and now I’m desperate for changing

Today is misery and tommorow is just another day
Can’t figure out where’s the path to my sweet serendipity
I want to fix my life and stay there for a while
Can’t remember the last time I hear the sound of my smile

I’m falling into the great oceans of life
Where sleepless nights and not just my luck was rife
I want to washed the pain of this wounded heart
If only I could, and choose a better choice from the start.

Helpless Thoughts…


Regrets and realization passed by like a wind
Blowin hard like a phenomenal climate  changed
Pushing me thru the dark as I find my way back
Too bad I can’t, this spaceship is too wrack

How can I ever find the right direction
When all of this is filled with good
I had to go back before it’s too late
But how? I can’t even find the key to the gate

They hated me like a villain in the movie
How I wished everything is going to be okay
This pain I felt inside makes me going crazy
If only everything was just a play.



I used to believe that you’re my destiny
My true love and my husband to be
But things had change, since you started act strangely
Till I found out that you’re cheatin on me

Your hollow lies I can no longer bear
You’ve hurt me, it seems you still don’t care
Taken me for granted and treated me so unfair
All of our dreams suddenly turned into a nightmare

Goodbyes are finally here
Yet, you haven’t shed a single tear
I guess I must face my greatest fear
To finally move on and let go of you my dear

There are nights I longed for your embrace
As tears slowly run down my face
Where do you find someone as my replace
Still in my heart you always own a special place

Now I solely wonder who’s your next
Is it the girl you meet thru text
This idea might lead into vex
Why we end up calling each other EX….

Credits to: CORIE….

Knee Deep In My Heart.

Right in the middle of this ordinary life. A love landed to someone whose name marked in me for the first time. No idea how it went but I guess it was granted. Life is full of surprises and I don’t know what’s life brings over the next days, months and even years. Unexpected, but I hate being trapped on this stupid situation. How come somebody could ever hurt me like this. I am hurt… Really in pain. He is like an ultimate shoes that doesn’t fit me at all. Anything else to say I want but I can’t. A very hard era to think about by just mesmerizing the memories we had, it makes my tears fall inevitably..


I Can’t Move On…


It’s been a while but I can’t move on
This pain I felt inside for that person
I idolized you and made my inspiration
But it seems I still don’t learn my lesson

I thought I can be your friend
But it seems I’m wrong coz you don’t care
I thought I can share you my dream
You just make fun of me just like a game

I’d even treat you the best
But for you I’m just a genie that don’t exist
Maybe you misunderstood me
As people misunderstood my personality

Sometimes I wonder have you ever forgotten me?
Been locked up from the moments of yesterday
I don’t know but my heart can’t find a reason
Until now it hurts and I can’t move on…

Heart … Breaks


It’s hard for me to move on
Coz’ tears and pain remains on my
I don’t know when my hurts end
Because until now my heart still didn’t mend

I don’t know how to let go
The love I feel for you
Everytime I think of you
Happiness and sadness would show

I don’t know if I can forget you
Coz’ my heart won’t stop loving you
I don’t know how to defend
My broken heart; that only you can mend….